The Barn

Our barn is a dedicated space for arts and culture, boosting a large indoor space and features a terrace that opens into a garden.

The large barn underwent a major transformation in recent years. It was used as a room for drying and storing wood used by my grandfather for his carpentry work. You can imagine heaps of wood stacked in this barn many decades ago. A small section of the barn to the left of the neighbour was also a pigsty which was still there until a thorough renovation in 2020. Today, the barn is an airy, clean and large multi-functional space. After the renovation, we screened films in the barn for our friends and family. This was a wonderful experience which we would like to extend to our guests through other purposes such as cabaret theatre, workshops, or yoga retreats. With 100m2 of space, the sky is the limit.

On the garden terrace behind the barn, one can enjoy the view of a large, newly created orchard and the rich bee meadow. My mother and I, together with the skilful hand of our neighbour Claudiu made it possible to bring this wonderful part of the garden to life. I’m convinced that my late- Weisskircher grandparents and father will be happy with us.